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Blue 258

Blue 258




Teddy: 'Don't mind me. Just trying to look chivalrous.'

Dolores: 'You came back.'

Teddy: 'I told you I would.'

Dolores: 'You gonna tell me where you been?'

Teddy: 'Just... away. You know if I could stay right here with you, I would.'

Dolores: 'What if I don't want to stay here? It's just sometimes I feel like the world out there is calling me... Whispering, "there's something more." You've travelled all over these parts. Isn't there anywhere we could go?'

Teddy: 'Well, there is a place I heard about down south... Where the mountains meet the sea. They say the water's so pure there, it'll wash the past clean off you. And you can start again.'

Dolores: 'I'd like to go there with you.'

Teddy: 'Well, someday, I'll take you.'

Dolores: 'Someday'.

Teddy: 'Something wrong?'

Dolores: 'You said "someday". Not today or tomorrow or next week. Just someday. Someday sounds a lot like the thing people say when they actually mean never.

Let's not go "someday", Teddy. Let's go now.'

Teddy: 'Before I met you, Dolores, I was a different man. And I got some reckoning to do before I can deserve a woman like you. But I'm close. I'm close to making things right. And someday soon, we will have the life we've both been dreaming of.
Now, I best get you homebefore your dad starts loading that shotgun.'


Westworld S01E03: The Stray