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Blue 258

Blue 258


And in the end


All that love and I wasn't worth fighting for. All that love and I wasn't worth a single word. And I knew, I knew how it is, how this works, how it always ends. They come and say it is enough - I know it will not be enough, I know it will not work out, I warn them but still they insist, they dazzle, they win you over and then what happens? It is not enough. You said it, you've warned them but here we are.

You were clear and upfront with what you had to give, with what you could give but here we are. It is not enough. What you had to give is not enough. But they end up making you feel that you are not enough. And the promises. Oh the promises, fuck how I hate promises. And he knew how much I hated promises.

And in the end he says goodbye as if saying goodbye to someone you've just met. Where has all that love gone? I can't stop myself thinking. So no, no, in the end it's not worth it. 

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