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Blue 258

Blue 258


Das coisas mais lindas que li nos últimos tempos


A stream. Flowing on its own way. I saw it. I was thirsty and immediately drank from it. The water is sweet. I rested under a tree near the stream. I observed around. Many people were drinking from the stream also. Then I realized this stream must have come flowing from something big. And I wanted to taste from that source. So, I kept walking along the shore of the stream, following its line. The journey was filled with ease and difficulty, joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness. Then I could hear it, the sound of waves, winds, sounds of water splashing. After a while I could see it, not what I was expecting. It was not a calm river, it was a roaring ocean. With huge waves. I could see its might and beauty. It was amazing and fierce. It was so beautiful and yet the vastness of the ocean would raise fear in any man. But I approached. With fear and excitement. And I felt the little waves hitting my feet. It was cold, and warm at the same time. Then I drank from it. To my amaze, the water tasted even sweeter. Then I thought, if only I didn’t have the courage to come near, I would have never tested it. And it felt so good. I stayed there for a while. And then I looked deep into the ocean. There I could see, a wonderful garden, in the middle of the ocean. Green, with fruits and flowers. It was like a small piece of heaven put there, only for someone special. But then I realized, the ocean is protecting the garden, protecting from any harm, any scavangers. Preventing them to reach the garden, preventing them to taste its fruits, smell its flowers. But I could not resist. I wanted to go into the garden. I wanted to taste its fruits. I wanted to smell the fragrance of the flowers. I wanted to lay down on its soft grass. So I dived, deep into the ocean, with all my confidence. Then I felt its might. The waves were tossing me around. But every time I was losing my balance, I found even a better grip. Every time I was being dragged by the waves, I found more strength to fight it. And then I came so close that I could smell the fragrance of the flowers, it was so sweet, so addiciting. But I realized. I am so close, yet so far away. I can see the garden so clearly, yet it is out of my reach. I can see the soft grass, but can’t touch it. I can see the fruits, but can’t taste it. And I keep looking at the garden. It is so beautiful. I looked back at the ocean. It is still full of might. Fierce, but dazzling. And I looked back at the garden again. It is beautiful, amazing, sweet, lovely and full of innocence.