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Blue 258

Blue 258




Hey little dreamer's eyes open and staring up at me
Oh little lonely eyes open and radiant

Wait until I come and I will steal you
Wait until I come I'll take your soul
Wait until I come and I will steal you
Wait until I come and I won't go

Darlin' dreamin in the night
Shadows on the windows
Lead oh and everyone go
Well leave me on the night
I will give you lightning
I will not relinquish light




O teu nome tem o mar, a praia, a areia, a pele morena. O teu abraço encerra o mundo. O teu beijo, a loucura.



Percorri quilómetros para fugir de ti, para descobrir apenas que vieste atrás. Percorri a distância para te procurar esquecer, e afinal, trouxe-te comigo.


Descobri então que vieste marcado na pele. O banho dos dias pode ter levado o cheiro do teu perfume, mas a tua marca permanece. Tu, permaneces presente. Desconfio agora que escreveste o teu nome com tinta à prova de água, por todo o meu  corpo, num momento perdido do tempo em que me tiveste nos teus braços. Em que me tiveste, sem me ter.


Silleda, 12 de Julho



Spring sweet rhythm dance in my head
Slip into my lover's hands
Kiss me oh won't you kiss me now
And sleep I would inside your mouth

Don't be us too shy
Knowing it's no big surprise
That I will wait for you
I will wait for no one but you





I walk into this room
Oh, all eyes on me now
But I do not know the people inside
They look straight through me, these eyes
Seeking more wisdom than I have to give away
Realize, realize what you are...


 What you are
Is the beast in a lover's arms
What you are
Is the devil in the sweet, sweet kiss
What you are
Is missing a piece
What you are
Is a puzzle to me




 Sometimes I can't move my feet it seems
As if I'm stuck in the ground somehow like a tree
As if I can't even breathe
Oh, and my screams come whispering out

As if nobody can even see me
Like a ghost, sometimes I can't see myself
Sometimes, then again, oh



If I were a king
If I had everything
If I had you then I could give you your dreams
If I were giant-sized, on top of it all
Then tell me what in the world would I sing for
If I had it all

Sometimes I feel lost
As I pull you out like strings of memories
Wish I could weave them into you
Then I could figure the whole damn puzzle out
Then again, oh