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Blue 258

Blue 258




Genial. Inspirador. Arrepiante.


People, follow your dreams.

Corram atrás daquilo que querem. Só assim a vida tem sentido.





Don't want to think about yesterday
Or the times that slipped away
Or the things that people say
Cause I'm just living my life
And I can have anything if I choose it
And I'm ready and willin to prove it
Ooh, I like the way you move it
So lets get down tonight.
C`mon and show me what you've got
Keep it moving please dont stop
Don't wanna worry `bout tomorrow
All we've got is here and now


Baby get on the floor come on shake it with me
So far, we're not coming down
Baby get on the floor
`Cause I know you believe
We've come too far to turn back now
Too far