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Blue 258

Blue 258


The tree


There's this tree, tall and steady, made of warm welcoming wood, leaves that dance in the wind but never fall to the ground. That tree may bend but does not break. It will never break and the tree itself is unaware of it's own strenght. 

This tree does not celebrate birthdays. Time does not matter anyway. But it's that tree's birthday today. And my wish on this day is to sit underneath it's shadow from morning till sundown and let there be nothing else rather than the sky, the rustling leaves, and the peacefulness that it brings all year round.

So let's sit underneath the tree, and have a picnic today. Let's lay on a soft red and white checkered blanket, let's discover what the picnic basket holds and taste the sweetest fruits, foods that feel like home, and talk about everything and nothing. And let's delight with the chocolate cake. Cause there's got be cake!







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