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Blue 258

Blue 258


The bird and the tree


He told me I am like a free bird.  And that he is a tree. That birds fly and he is scared that I, being a free bird as I am, will fly away and not come back.

I listened and told him that I may be a free bird, that birds love to fly, and that I, as a free bird may indeed fly away. That I may fly away and never come back, cause that's what birds do. But I may also take a short fligth and come back to rest on the same tree. I told him that even if I fly away somewhere far and never come back, as a bird that loved that tree, I would never forget it.

As a bird that loved that tree, that amazing strong tree with deep roots that withold so many storms, strong branches that hold me from any wind and beautiful amazing leaves that shelter and keep me protected, I would never forget that tree. Which is sad though beautiful. What I never told him is that he, as a tree, will hold and give shelter to so many other birds. And yes, I know he would argue and say no, no no. And I shouldn't say many birds. But that tree will hold another bird. That's for sure. And yes, I will never forget that tree.





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